Sail Repair

Tomelia repairs all brands of sails.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can service your sails. We can offer you the benefit of our years of experience and discuss the method and worth of the sail repair as well as the cost involved.

The price for sail repair work is based on the time and materials needed to preform the work.  Our labor rate is $90 per hour, this applies to inspections, as well as actual repair work.

A sample of the sail repair services we offer.

• Seams re-stitched

• Grommets replaced

• Hanks & Slides replaced

• Leech lines repaired, including cleats

• Luff & Foot ropes added, replaced, or reset

• Numbers/Insignias replaced or removed

• Batten pockets repaired, replaced, velcro and/or elastic replaced

• Conversion to full lengths battens.

• Headboard plates replaced

• Holes, tears, chafed areas repaired

• Sun-covers restitched, replaced, or removed.