Canvas Cleaning

Canvas is expensive!  Protect your investment.

Regular canvas cleaning can significantly extend the life and appearance of your boat canvas. At Tomelia Sail & Canvas, your canvas is handled with the utmost care. Machine washing risks damaging the fabric with the attached hardware. That is why every canvas cover is hand washed, and carefully inspected.



Sailcovers – Clean Only                                                $8.15 /lb.    (min. $40)
Sailcovers – Clean & Treat*                                         $9.95 /lb.     (min. $50)

Boat tops/Biminis/Dodgers 

Fabric or Vinyl (no windows) – Clean Only                $2.60 /sq. ft. (min. $25)

Windows – Clean Only                                                 $3.15 /sq. ft. (min. $25)

Fabric with sewn windows – Clean Only                   $3.40 /sq. ft. (min. $25)

Upcharge for extremely dirty fabric                          $0.80 /sq.ft.

Additional Protective Coating*                                  $1.30 /sq. ft.

*Includes water repellent, UV protector, and mildew inhibitor.

Winter canvas cleaning special:

Winter storage is free if canvas is delivered before Thanksgiving and invoice is paid within 30 days of receipt.